Camping Ground

Leisure time at the lake: Our new recreational areas are directly on the shores of the lake. They are 100m to 120m large, surrounded with bushes and greenery and provide potable water, sewage and electricity.

On the upper hillside of the lake are the camping areas, where there is a beautiful view of either the Blauer See Lake or where the lowlands of the River Leine join. The area is well lit and provides electricity boxes. The sunny area at the playground is appropriate for groups and families with children.

Overnight Accommodation

For caravan owners we offer a short-stay area with a supply and waste disposal station.

Our newly built and sanitized handicap friendly shower area is of modern standards and has also a baby changing area, with bathing facilities. On request we would provide you the possibility of a private shower/ WC room.

Holiday Stay

Beneath a naturally shaded terrace, enjoy our recently redecorated restaurant, serving drinks and meals from our typical German cuisine. Starting at 7am, the local shop provides a fresh variety of bread rolls and everything for your daily needs.